Best Houndstooth Coats & How to Style Them

Houndstooth: Exactly What it Sounds Like

Houndstooth is exactly what it sounds like, a pattern based on a hounds’ tooth. Prior to being replicated, the individual houndstooth looks like a dog’s canine tooth but when replicated in a tiling form as we see on garments, it creates an eye catching pattern. Made up of abstract four-pointed shapes that are distinguished by a broken checkered pattern, houndstooth is popular on woven fabrics, especially wool, making it perfect for this season.

From designers like Balenciaga to affordable trendy shops, houndstooth is all over the fashion scene this winter. It is a playful, yet defined style that looks good on any age and on a range of different pieces. 

Houndstooth is Winter’s Favorite Pattern

The great thing about this pattern is that it truly can be styled in so many different ways. Throw this pattern onto any article of clothing this season and it works. As a coat, like the Victoria houndstooth coat it is an instant outfit elevator. As a shirt + jacket combination, which is so in right now, the houndstooth print can be dressed up or down. It looks great over a turtleneck or goes with jeans and a tee. 

A favorite styling for this print is a set. With a set you are able to commit fully to the pattern and let the outfit be a stand out on its own or it is a great way to amp up your accessory game with a pop of color in a bag or hair clip.

Unlike other coats this season, houndstooth is a pattern that shows off a sense of style and proves you know what is in and what will boost your overall look. A great way to mix trends this season is with a houndstooth blazer. 

Women’s blazers are a trend that is sexy and stylish while also professional and studious. Oversized, they are a great alternative to a jacket and fitted they show the world that you mean business. Show up in a houndstooth blazer and it’s show stopping. 

A raw edge tweed houndstooth jacket is another option for wearing this pattern. Raw edge hems look as though they are a continuation of an already moving, fluid pattern and are easy to pull off with a button down shirt, oversized coat or skirt. 

Retro Houndstooth Modernized

Houndstooth, while best known for being black and white, is not limited to its fundamental color scheme. This season it would not be out of the ordinary to see the pattern in a trendy color. 

However the traditional, primary color scheme goes well with jeans as well as trousers. The traditional black and white compliments a monochromatic color scheme that is very popular right now. Throw the houndstooth coat on over an all neutral outfit and it’s very sleek, or have the coat on over an all brown outfit for a more grunge, street wear look.

Houndstooth on a cozy cable knit sweater is enough to make me want to curl up on the couch under a weighted blanket, but so fashionable that I would be staging an Instagram photoshoot to show it off between my Netflix queue. 

A houndstooth sweater is playful enough to have a youthful vibe but can still be styled maturely enough to wear to a business meeting. The sweater is feminine in feel and texture, but can be styled as an oversized sweater vest for a more masculine approach, both of which pair nicely with a houndstooth coat over them. The pattern is perfect for layering because it comes in a variety of sizes and does not come across as overdone if worn in unison with one another.


Top Styling Tips for Houndstooth Coats This Season

  1. Pair with a monochromatic outfit
  2. Wear draped on your shoulders over a belted jacket
  3. Layer and mix with various size prints of houndstooth
  4. Wear over a dress, with booties
  5. Pair with a red hat/bag/accessory
  6. Make the outfit into a set 
  7. Be BOLD with it 

Playful Pieces with Sophistication 

Celebrities love rocking houndstooth as well. This winter we have seen Taylor Swift, Kristin Cavallari, and Emily Atack all pull off their own version of the coat. However, you don’t have to be blonde to pull off this season’s statement coat; we saw Song Hye-Kyo rock a Dior houndstooth set with a coat and matching skirt. She is a prime example of making the houndstooth coat into a set and letting the outfit become a statement.

Song Hye-Kyo in a houndstooth set

If you are a little more timid to the idea of fully committing to a coat, a great way to embrace it and ease into the style is starting with a smaller version of the pattern. The houndstooth pattern comes in variations that have a smaller pattern making it harder to discern, or can be enlarged to see the details in full. 

With a smaller pattern a coat comes across as black from a distance and therefore is easier to style with multiple different outfits. The larger pattern goes great with neutrals, blacks and winter whites. Kristin Cavallari piqued interest last fall when she wore a large print houndstooth blazer, while our model in the Victoria houndstooth coat represents a variation of a smaller pattern mixed with a mid-sized pattern.

Our classic Victoria houndstooth coat is anything but plain or basic. Made of 100% wool, with stacked prints and a mix of larger and smaller patterns, the coat is a standout. The Victoria features large buttons down the front of the coat in a double breasted fashion and shoulder buttons adding detail to the sleeves. With a belt, this coat is practical and can be tied tight to keep warm. Large side pockets are perfect for practicality as well. Our Kendall houndstooth coat features panels of black with black sleeves that make the coat more understated.  


Victoria Houndstooth Wool Coat

This style is not reserved for females only, men are quite dapper in these coats. With some having utilitarian features and style as an added bonus, a houndstooth coat is an upgraded trench coat that serves function as well as fashion. As seen on our Instagram, the houndstooth coat is great for layering. Whether it is another jacket underneath or a button down, the coat has room for layers.  

As pattern play is the name of the game and increasing in popularity every season, houndstooth coats are the perfect way to get in the mix and add a statement piece to your wardrobe that is sure to get complimented.