Cashmere Robes: Lounging in Luxury

The robe you can wear outside and no one will question you 

While perusing the depths of Google for the official definition of a robe, I was surprisingly informed that the definition of a robe is exactly what you would expect, an article of clothing for lounging. I was attempting to understand the basics behind this season's warmest coat trend, and I found just that. 

The most basic definition lets us know that the article of clothing can be worn for lounging, over sleepwear or can be thrown on to take the chill off. Why then would we limit such an overall cozy item to the bathroom? When it comes to comfort it shouldn’t be over just because you have to leave the house, how then do we take a robe outside? 

Well if it's a cashmere robe, that isn't very difficult. Prior to this unparalleled past year I might have questioned someone like Jennifer Anniston or Oprah for walking out of the house wearing a robe. There may have been a question of sanity if either wore it to the grocery store, but then 2020 happened. 

Not only would I not question the style choice but I might even think they’re onto something. It really is no wonder that the latest robe coat trend is taking over and who wouldn't want to throw on cashmere in the form of a robe? The words themselves roll off the tongue like soup and sandwich, bread and butter. It's like wearing a blanket or getting a bear hug from the most fashionable piece of the season. 

Best places to wear your cashmere robe coat?

  • The grocery store
  • Socially distanced gatherings
  • Zoom calls
  • Around the house
  • To the mailbox


Dion Robe Coat

Our dreamy Dion robe coat, in oatmeal, is featured in the image above. It can be styled more casual to pair with slippers or styled to impress in the city.

Everyone is wearing a cashmere robe from the powder room to the grocery


With influence from housecoats and robes that we have been wearing at home for years, it was inevitable that the year of lounge wear would lead to the ultimate cozy throw on, in the form of a coat. The term housecoat exists for a reason, and we are finally allowing them to see the light of day. Our Dion cashmere robe coat comes in oatmeal and caramel, two colors that go with everything but have very different looks and create completely different outfits. 

From long silhouettes that will keep everything warm to shorter options that allow everyone to see your cute boots, the robe coat is versatile and friendly for every shape and size. There has not always been the luxury of a coat that will fit all of your faves, but from Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama, the coat of the season has a solid reach. 

Not only do these coats come in different lengths and shapes but you can play with them and change the structure. The fluidity of the coat also allows for it to be worn oversized or fitted. The belts on robe coats can tie to accentuate curves or like our favorite boyfriend pieces can be a little looser, just instead of jeans it's a robe. 

The belt of the robe coat is an extra built in accessory. Belts vary and are great options to add individuality and personality into the outfit. It is fun to change the belt to a different pattern or fabric and leave it untied or wrap it really tight. These options are perfect for when you want to show off or when you’re feeling a little more like hiding under a soft robe coat and a mask.                                

Robe coats: Self care in the form of cashmere

 Not only is the cashmere robe coat currently on trend, but is more than a trend in itself. Investing in one this year will prove beneficial because the style is not going anywhere. Did we think almost a year later we would still be in loungewear in our home office, I didn’t think so, but here we are and just like heightened lounge pieces, the robe coat is no exception. 

The investment of a cashmere robe coat is a piece in and of itself but can be fitted with any other current or future trend. Thrown on over a lounge set, the outfit is immediately elevated for leaving the house or simply joining a zoom call. Throw on over a long ribbed sweater dress and you're ready for date night or a socially distanced wine night with your girls. 

Who says you have to wear anything underneath? Shay Mitchell was featured on her Instagram looking stunning in an off the shoulder fluffy robe coat in complete glam and nothing else, that is a style we can all get behind. Our iconic Dion wool-cashmere robe coat is a great piece to try these outfits with, not only does it style well with any outfit, it automatically takes an outfit to a high fashion status. 

Our men’s Drew robe coat does the same thing for men, whether they are seeking elevation of an outfit or need an entire focal point, this coat is synonymous with dress for success. The coat that is all over our Instagram with multiple features all season, is great for the city or the country; for morning walks to the coffee shop or a morning stroll before hopping online. This season we have seen so many men and women pull off these coats and with an apparent six more weeks of winter determined on Groundhog Day, get ready to rock them for that much longer.

Put the cashmere robe on, take the chill off

The functionality of this coat is another great reason for purchasing it. Did I mention huge pockets, the softest cashmere and the ability to layer for days underneath? Not only will you be warm and ready for any weather, but you can put everything in your pockets. No more worrying about those baby baguette purses not holding your phone, or anything for that matter. 

The coat also lets each individual decide how it will close, no more worrying with zippers, or messing with loose buttons that both allow air in, but tie the robe and you're good to go. No more wardrobe malfunctions or lack of an outfit excuses to skip events from now on, with a robe coat you can wear anything underneath and still look amazing. 

There is high fashion appeal in the cashmere textures that will turn heads. When it is this easy to get dressed and leave the house we can all agree on a park meet up on Saturday. Its functionality seems to solve most all of your fashion problems, so what are you waiting for, time to throw one on, if you aren't wearing it already.